At Your Service

Realty Group LA’s ‘At Your Service’ is a relocation services division specializing in personalized orientation tours and home selection. At Your Service introduces buyers to the numerous communities of the, at times, overwhelming Los Angeles city;from the beach to downtown and San Fernando Valley. Powered by a passion for helping people feel at home in their communities, At Your Service is a valued resource to companies relocating executives or showing the creative side of the city to that up-and-coming Hollywood star looking for a bungalow hideaway. At Your Service also represents some of finest short-term leasing opportunities in Beverly Hills, the Sunset Strip and the Hollywood Hills. “At all times discreet and At Your Service.” The Realty Group LA – At Your Service is a full time Relocation Service. From airport pick up, to a tour of the city. At Your Service helps close the deal on your prospective hire.

  • Personalized match to a relocation specialist
  • Education of the different communities in and around Los Angeles, from the beach to the San Fernando Valley and downtown lofts
  • Introduction to short and long term housing where needed
  • Information regarding public and private schools, churches and temples
  • Always discreet, working with the Hollywood up and coming actors to the CEOs of F 500